Sustainability & Ethics

Original Canvas is a sustainable, ethical, NZ clothing business. Focused on making hemp accessible to New Zealanders, we are committed to creating organic, sustainable clothing using natural fibres that do not require chemicals or pesticides.

Hemp & Certified Organic Cotton

Original Canvas is hemp clothing, originally handcrafted in our shed-transformed-studio in Christchurch, New Zealand. After an extremely educational and eye opening trip to China, Original Canvas found the perfect people and location to cultivate, spin and manufacture our hemp fibres. We established a warm relationship with our supplier, where seamstresses convert our dyed hemp fibre into beautifully handcrafted ethical and sustainable clothing. Original Canvas apparel, now brought to you from seed to garment in China.

Transparency is the future of the fashion industry.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing clothing with your partner or friends, of any gender, should most definitely be encouraged. Why? Sustainability.