Organic, Ethical, Eco-Friendly Clothing - That’s the Original Canvas Way

Original Canvas was founded by three young Kiwi entrepreneurs who decided they were fed up with the way we continuously harm our environment and ourselves through what we eat, wear and do every day. With this in mind, we created a number of businesses that utilise the world’s most versatile sustainable crop, one of these being of course - Original Canvas - organic, eco-friendly clothing from hemp!

With hemp we saw the opportunity to solve every problem we are currently facing, it was a plant that has been misunderstood, and discriminated against because of some high-powered individuals and a misconception.

We wanted to educate individuals on the power of the plant and show New Zealanders the endless possibilities hemp has to offer. Original Canvas was born with the idea to give people organic, ethical clothing that would provide an alternative to cotton and synthetic fabrics, and hopefully inspire more and more people to take the natural route in life, to sustain our environment, while changing an industry that for too long has degraded our world and harmed our Mother.

Wear nature.