Hemp Textiles Benefits

Hemp is believed to be the first fibre used for human clothing – and one of the strongest too (it is 62% more durable than cotton).

Hemp Fabric for our Health

The natural fibres of hemp not only help fight the spread of bacteria, which prevents skin conditions and irritations, but it remains odor free far longer than other fabrics (one of the many reasons we chose hemp). Hemp is nature’s strongest fibre, softening over time but aging beyond its years. It will last generations with love and care. It’s breathable on the skin, so good for those hot days, resisting any UV rays. Hemp’s natural fibres will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while wicking in moisture and stay mold free in damp situations. Hemp is also hypoallergenic, so ideal for any skin types.

You won’t want to wear anything else!

Hemp Fabric for the Planet

With hemp being the fastest CO2 biomass tool available on Earth, it’s a no brainer to be growing more of it everywhere we can. It uses no harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, which kill thousands every year due to poisoning, as a result of the fast fashion industry. Hemp regenerates the earth, naturally fertilizing it for healthy rich soils. It requires little amounts of water and grows 4-6m tall in a 4-month harvest cycle, which produces 4 times the amount of fibre to cotton on a per hectare basis.

Micro plastics from fast clothing are polluting our waterways and climbing back up our food chains, thousands of micro plastics are shed from every cycle of washing. Hemp is fighting back against plastic water pollution and giving the eco-systems that inhabit these waters a better chance.

Hemp is environmentally ethical and the future for any industry that relies on petroleum production for a product.

Why We Wear Hemp Textiles - A Snapshot

  • Grown without harmful chemicals or pesticides
  • UV resistant and anti-electrostatic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-bacterial and odor-resistant
  • Thermostable and breathable
  • Harmless for your body and harmless for the environment
  • Organic blended content standard (OCS) certified
  • Fairwear Foundation Certified