FAQs About Our Hemp Clothing

If hemp keeps you warm in the winter, how does it also keep you cool in the summer?
Some clothing fabrics are there to keep you warm in the winter and others to keep you cool in summer, but only a few are able to do both. Similar to bamboo, hemp clothing does just that. The unique structure of the natural cellulose fibres in hemp clothing produces the combination effect of breathability while being able to insulate at the same time.

Does hemp shrink?
Yes, when you wash it in hot water or put it in the dryer, just like any other natural fibre. Hemp is strong and keeps its shape well, when washed in cold water hemp won’t shrink.

How should I wash/care for my hemp clothes?
Air it out on the line if it doesn’t smell or have marks. Spot cleaning for best long term results. Hemp being strong means you can thrash it on a cold cycle in the washing machine and it will keep strengthening with every wash. But dry it flat, do not use pegs, as close tight rubbing could create holes and marks, especially when blended with Organic Cotton.

Does hemp fabric smell like a plant?
No, hemp fibre smells the same as cotton.

Where is your hemp fabric produced?
Shaoxing, China.

What part of the hemp plant is the fabric made from?
The stalk - hemp fibre comes from the outer layer of the bast. Hemp grows 4-6m tall, making it the longest fibres to come from the bast. This gives it it’s super strength.

Is hemp the most sustainable fabric ever made?

What are other sustainable fabrics?
Jute (linen), organic cotton, bamboo, peace silk, pineapple leather.

I’ve heard the term fast fashion a lot, but what is slow fashion?
Clothing produced in smaller quantities and with higher quality control, so that the longest life is ensured for each garment. It’s giving root back to a lost craft and buying locally from designers who utilise what nature has to offer.

Is it true that hemp fabric won’t smell from body odour?
Yes, it prevents the spread of bacteria while you’re wearing it and is hypoallergenic. Perfect for the summer festival season.

Do you provide any certification and what are the ethical standards involved in bringing the textiles to market?
Yes, our fabric is GOTS certified under the global organic textile standard and has been tested for any harmful chemicals under confidence friendly textiles.

What does industrial hemp look like?
Tall, beautiful and green.

Why did you change from your garments being made in New Zealand to being made in China?
We are still making clothes here in New Zealand. Hemp is still not as accessible and has lower demand than other fibres, making it very expensive to buy, and people don’t realise the true cost of making apparel one by one. High scale production cuts costs, and we want Original Canvas to reach retailers so that New Zealanders can buy a t-shirt made from hemp at the same price as buying a cotton t-shirt.

We are establishing a sister company Wear Nature, that does made to order apparel for businesses or merchandise. This will be made in New Zealand and we will keep developing our ranges here and bring out NZ made collections.

If you can make clothes from hemp can you also make clothes out of marijuana?
Maybe, but the strand used to make hemp fibre is huge, the stalk is massive and grows 4-6m tall making it perfect for production of fibre. Marijuana does not have this growth property.

What are some other uses of hemp?
The whole hemp plant can be used…
  • The seed for food, which is the most nutrient dense seed on the planet
  • Medicine - CBD is extracted from the hemp leaf, which has a number of mind-blowing benefits
  • Building materials, the inside of the hemp stalk makes for a strong hemp hurd, which when blended with water and lime creates a hemp concrete. Ideal for eco-friendly housing.
  • Hemp has over 50,000 uses and can eliminate plastic products.
Why is hemp more expensive?
Because it’s been lost for so long and it’s still on the rise. No one has the equipment, education or demand to sell hemp cheap. With the resurrection of hemp, we can change this through consumer demand. Your interest in, or purchase of, a hemp garment helps in the development of sustainable products through conscious consumerism becoming readily affordable.

Do you do custom orders?
Yes, our sister company Wear Nature do made to order hemp garments for businesses or merchandise. Email steph@wearnature.co.nz to find out more details on what we have to offer.