O R I G I N A L   C A N V A S 

Days filled with back lit summer dreams and fields of green.
Original Canvas is a premium hemp and natural organic cotton apparel company with garments designed to stand the test of time.

Designed responsibly in New Zealand, this Christchurch based company draws inspiration from their core element ‘hemp’ the worlds most sustainable crop.

Original Canvas strives to be a fully sustainable and ethical clothing business with the core focus of making hemp apparel accessible to New Zealanders.

“We are committed to creating organic, sustainable clothing using natural fibres. Our goal to make you feel effortless and cool with little to no impact on our mother we call earth.”

With the use of clean lines and crisp details paired with oversized components, exploring the elements of hard and soft. The idea of stealing your boyfriends favourite shirt and giving them a new lease on life.

Each garment is thoughtfully designed to be the building blocks for your sustainable wardrobe.

Wear Nature.


O R I G I N A L   C A N V A S .