Our Sustainable Fashion Design in 2020

While we are still working out of our studio in Christchurch, we had a goal when we started Original Canvas to make basic hemp apparel accessible and affordable for New Zealanders to purchase. We worked on developing a range of basic garments that were unisex and great for your everyday wardrobe and would last through changing trends. Which to me was the epitome for sustainable fashion design. Having developed this range in a number of colours and testing it on our online website and at local markets, it was time to scale up and minimise our costs to make our range more affordable for retailers to buy.

During this process we flew to China to meet with our whole supply chain from farmer, to weave, to production. Having a fully transparent supply chain was something that had to be achieved before we could fully promote our brand and bring on retailers. Having set this up, we have new stock coming Winter 2020 ready to go into a number of stores throughout NZ. With this we will keep developing styles and colours with the vision of doing smaller sizes for children’s wear also.

First published November 07, 2019