Earth Kind | Ocean Friendly A4 Print
Earth Kind | Ocean Friendly A4 Print
Earth Kind | Ocean Friendly A4 Print

Earth Kind | Ocean Friendly A4 Print

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Art Collaboration: ART OF POOFS x Original Canvas

Together Original Canvas and ART OF POOTS brings you a collaborative piece based on our current collection "Earth Kind | Ocean Friendly”.

We have a very limited 25 signed versions available. 
  • A4 prints
  • Created mindfully
  • Screen printed by hand
  • Hemp fiber paper
  • Sustainable

ART OF POOTS Explores:

Paikea (Humpback) - representing the health of the ocean and the impact of micro plastics.
The Water - Essential for life and growth.
The Moon - phases life cycles, connection to water and tides, emotions and our subconscious mind.
Mt Cook Buttercup - represents the health of our mountains/alpine.
Tūi - a loveable New Zealand icon.
Native Bee - essential pollinator for all plants. 


Sam Poots is an emerging artist branding herself as ‘ART OF POOTS’. Poots specialises in a technique called pointillism or known as ‘stippling’. This is a style of drawing which involves using dots of ink or distinct colour to create the illusion of form.
Her creations tell the story how human and nature can co-exist, however they also highlight the challenges that these two have had in the past and the challenges ahead.
The need for solidarity to protect our unique landscape, wildlife, and surrounding oceans is the driving force behind her work. Her recent series of works is a way to express the awakening between humans and nature that we could have.
Letting Mother Nature and her creations teach us how to embrace and breathe the wonders of this world, to get back into sync and stop destroying the treasures and protect them instead – ‘to reconnect with nature’. 

Each print comes delivered in a sturdy cardboard package to protect the art. 

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