Dolphin Friendly's Sam Mander on looking forward to 2021

Dolphin Friendly on tour in New Zealand wearing hemp clothing from Original Canvas


How has this year been for you guys?  What's been achieved? 

Even with COVID striking, 2020 has actually been really positive for us! We’ve managed to still successfully hold two, going on three nation wide tours post-lockdown which all sold out and we’ve written a bunch of new tunes ready for release, so can’t really complain!


Your Spotify blurb tells me that the name 'Dolphin Friendly' was decided upon to bring attention to the need for sustainability - I think this means the band and Original Canvas have some things in common - what do you reckon? 

I don’t think you’re wrong there, Rach. Yeah, so we want to use our business and branding and our music to promote the values we draw close attention to as a band, sustainability being one of them.


Talk to us about your upcoming summer tour? What's the plan?

We’re embarking on a mega summer tour, our Festival Grand Slam Tour 2020/2021. We’re playing 7 festivals around New Zealand among some of our own shows. The crew is pretty chuffed and excited to be honest! Amongst that mix are slots like Summer Solstice, Bay Dreams (North and South), Sound Splash, Hagley NYE in the Park, Kings Beat, and Banks Peninsula Festival to name a few.

What are the locations and dates? How can our readers get tickets? 

Dolphin Friendly Killing Silence Tour 2020

  • 27th November, Wellington, Meow
  • 28th November, Christchurch, Go Live Festival (free gig in the Square)
  • December 11th, Christchurch, Stranges Lane
  • December 12th, Auckland, Tuning Fork

Dolphin Friendly Festival Grand Slam Tour

  • December 19th, Napier, Summer Soulstice Festival
  • December 28th, Water Bar, Wanaka
  • December 31st, Christchurch, Hagley New Years in the Park
  • January 1st, Akaroa, The Brasserie
  • January 3rd, Mount Maunganui, Baydreams Festival
  • January 5th, Nelson, Baydreams Festival
  • January 23rd, Raglan, Soundsplash Festival
  • February 20th, Banks Peninsula, Banks Peninsula Festival
  • February 20th, Queenstown, Kings Beat Festival

Tickets available by Googling each event. We're working on getting something to our website to have them all in one spot

What location are you looking forward to the most?  

Probably the big slots for the likes of Bay Dreams and Soundsplash – we want to continue smashing the big circuits for sure! We also like the smaller more local buzz.

We're looking forward to collabing with you along the way! 


We often talk about the idea of 'Kaitiakitanga' in New Zealand - and we hope that this collaboration plays into that responsibility for you. How do you think brands like Original Canvas can ensure that we are acting in a way that we can have an impact?

This is a really important concept for us too. Most gigs we play, we promote discussion around the idea of individualising the concept of sustainability in order to promote that thought process for the listeners. We’re not ramming it down peoples throats, we’re just engaging the crowd with our ideas and messages and let people decide that for themselves, but its certainly proved to be thought provoking. Most people appreciate it.

Original Canvas is one of my favourite brands because of this. I love the genuine honest philosophy your brand has platformed itself on which showcases a business that is defined by strong values of sustainability, health, social and mental wellbeing. I think everything about your branding down to the actual product line will have an impact on this, and I know for me, it feels good to be making a difference as an individual consumer by making buying decisions based around what is actually good for the planet and the people -  a concept that has been made incredibly easy by Original Canvas, so kudos. We want to align with that too, which is why we’re talking!

And, for good measure, if you had all the power in the world to do one thing to keep our oceans clean what would it be?

From a cleanliness point of view, it would have to be eliminating plastic! The micro fibrous, unbreakable synthetic properties of plastic mean that it exists almost indefinitely, even in microscopic form. Once its in the ocean, that’s effectively it unless someone filters it out, like a an aquatic organism. If it were a more holistic problem, climate change and the global phenonium of ocean acidification due to temperature increase is probably more concerning – another topic though!


Whales or Manta Rays? 

I’ll go whales.


Pretty fascinating specimens aren’t they?

Jellyfish or penguins? 

Gotta be jelly’s.


What could be more important than having jellyfish exist???


What's planned for 2021? What can we look out for? 

New music (EP released), big tours, an Australian tour if allowed!

We’re super stoked to be doing what we’re doing and the music journey is slowly becoming one that is permanently professional for all of us, which we’re incredibly grateful for! We want to thank every person that’s every turned up to one of our gigs to support, we appreciate every single one of you. And of course epic brands like yourselves for supporting us and partnering along the way. Incredibly excited to release the new Original Canvas merch just in time for summer. If you’re at a show this summer, please come and say G’Day!


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