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Did You Know?

The word ‘canvas’ is derived from the word ‘cannabis’.

All canvas was once made from woven hemp fibres. That’s right - hemp was ‘the’ original canvas! And we think it’s time for a revival!


[blangk kan-vuhs]⁠ noun.

A physical canvas to be worn on physical bodies. Of the blank kind, giving you the freedom and creativity to customise your personal look.⁠

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  • Mary Jane L/S Tee - Ocean Friendly (Genderless)
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  • Cloud Crew - Plain (Womens)
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  • Mary Jane L/S Tee - Earth Kind (Genderless)
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  • Tui Tee - Ocean Friendly (Genderless)
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Hemp is one of the most versatile plants on this planet.

Hemp has been utilized by humans for as long as we have been domesticated, and only in the past 90 years has its abilities and unmatched number of uses been banned from the Western world due to an incorrect and long standing social stigma. From fabric to superfood, miracle oil to insulation, the uses of hemp are - literally - endless. And that's only the start.


Perfect material to wear. Soft on the skin, keeps me warm during the colder days and cool during the hot days

Nick Lake

I have a couple garments from Original Canvas, one hoodie that I’ve had for almost a couple of years now. Quality of the fabric is still in the same condition as when first purchased - still the softest hoodie I own with no rips or pulls after many wears and washes.
Would highly recommend these garments to anyone wanting something that’s going to last them years and give them bang for their buck.

Olivia Gloag

Would buy one of these in every colour if I could! Softest fleece I have ever felt. Never want to take it off 🌱😍

Kerri Paterson